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The Shaw 4 Spoke

For nearly 100 years the Classic Flat Four spoke steering wheel design has steered Competition Vehicles to glory.   From Indianapolis, Ind. to Monza Italy... from the Saturday night dirt bullrings to the Dry lakes of El Mirage the Iconic design has never went out of style, nor lost it's popularity. Since the 1930's, the Rubber grip version has been created by numerous individuals and companies. Now it's Shaw's Vintage Racing's turn to carry the torch.  Using one of the Original Molds from back in the day, this latest version is being called by many "the best version, & highest quality Flat Four spoke yet". Constructed from .120" Mirror Finish Stainless Steel, it retains the same tinsel strength the original "Spring Steel" versions had. The Rubber grip is a Press Molded UV and Crack resistant rubber that matches the "feel" of the Originals perfectly.  Be a part of this American Automotive tradition, get a Shaw 4 Spoke in your hands and FEEL THE HISTORY for yourself!!


Countless Vintage Racing enthusiast have joined Instagram simply to follow along DAILY to Shaw's restorations, historic content, and virtually RIDE ALONG . While our Facebook page occasionally updates with a "photo dump" of work and events we've done, the Instagram page is updated daily.  Detailed, in depth descriptions of components on various vintage race cars we are working on, Historical essays describing events and races from the past, and live coverage of event's and race cars we are running. Find us on Instagram @jacobs_lader or just search Joshua Shaw and look for the Steering Wheel icon! 

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